Diss Crazy! Review

Ever wanted to drop the PERFECT “Diss” but just couldn’t quite come up with the words quick enough? Well with “Diss Crazy!” you can fire off all kinds of wild rap Disses right from your iPhone! That’s right, it’s as easy as picking a character, selecting a topic, then dropping Diss Bombs left n’ right!

“Diss Crazy!” (Volume 1) by PunkArts is the first iPhone app that allows you to select a rap as the form of insult you wish to release on your target. In this first volume, there are 13 different Diss topics to choose from. Not only do you have the classic “Yo Mamma!” Disses, but you also have eclectic topics like “Hey Shorty”, “What’s that Smell?”, “Why You Scared”, “Got Game?”, “Cheapstake” and more. All available Disses are in the form of a swift rap jingle, and the developer provided multiple Disses per category to keep you entertained.  Original music lyrically customized to each category for the speedy Diss at your fingertips!

You have 3 unique characters to select from, 12 Penny, Flikka and Sandi. Each character has unique attributes and the vocals sound like they came right from the horses’ mouth. Within each character category, there are 5 Disses each, followed by an “About me” button that gets you inside personal information about the character like Age, Location, Occupation, Dislikes and Favorite Quotes. It’s like having three rappers in da’ pocket at your disposal!

The visual art in the app really shines. Crisp cartoon style artwork of each character stands out and gives the app extra punch. The app is original, operates well, has a clean layout, and easy to navigate controls. Replay value is decent considering multiple Disses per category, though i can see the app could be short-lived if used often. This is probably why it’s the first Volume as you would anticipate additional Volumes with new characters and a fresh set of Disses to follow. We gave “Diss Crazy!” a solid and respectable 3 finger rating and would recommend it to anyone who is looking for an entertaining and fun way to drop an insult on the fly!

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