Puzzle Trooper Review

Puzzle Trooper is a puzzle game that mixes match-3, team-based combat, and card collection. In the game, players could control a team of troopers, match tiles, and inflict damage on enemies.

The game bears a strong resemblance to Tower of Saviors, offering battles that depend wholly on how players match the tiles. The troopers have different advantages and disadvantages when dealing with various enemies. Players can have specific troopers launch attacks only when tiles of that same element are matched. Each trooper acquires a special attack that can be unleashed based on how many tiles are matched.

Players advance through levels on the campaign maps, encountering increasingly tough enemies. In each level, there are waves of minions and sometimes a boss. That is the same in Tower of Saviors. But in Puzzle Trooper, the battle section is displayed in a side-scrolling style. Therefore, players will no longer battle against enemies face-to-face. No one can fight nonstop through the levels. Every battle consumes energy and once out of energy, players can no longer challenge any level.

Another feature shared by both games is match-3 puzzle. Players are not confined to swapping two adjacent tiles to make one, or both of them in a line of three or more tiles of the same color. Players can move any tile to anywhere and swap that tile with every piece in the way to form as many matches as possible, and of course, deal more damage on enemies. Such design makes the game much more difficult and appealing than most match-3 titles.

Battles in Puzzle Trooper keep reminding players of Tower of Saviors but everything outside battles is, however, very familiar to those who have played I’m MT. The fighters, appearing in the form of cards, are mostly obtained through finishing battles. The cards differ in rarity and levels. Although they don’t gain experience over battles, they can level up and even evolve if players “feed” them with cards. Along the way, players can obtain advanced cards by using premium currency.

Similar to I’m MT, Puzzle Trooper lets players choose a stranger as companion every time before they start a battle and afterwards asks them whether they would like to befriend that stranger. The friends one gets in the game would end up as a main force in battles.

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