War of Nations Review

Japanese mobile social gaming company Gree released War of Nations on the Canadian App Store on April 13, 2013. It is a military strategy game made by Funzio, which was acquired by Gree in 2012.

War of Nations is essentially a city-building strategy MMO featuring a military theme and hardcore PVP battle. The game starts by offering each player a honeycomb-shaped base that can be expanded through the building of outposts. In the initial gaming stage when the usual practice of city-building is proceeding, you need to follow missions to construct and upgrade resource-generating facilities for required materials, and to build and upgrade military centers to produce battle units. Through leveling-up and finishing tasks, you can obtain recruiting items that let you hire commanders to lead your units in battle.

Once you’ve made enough progress on the construction missions, you will be ready to start taking on military missions. By defeating enemies, you can gather resources and items that are essential for establishing more outposts. The game provides NPC targets so that even when you are in the early immune status you can still have opponents to face and practice combat before actually declaring war on a fellow player. A command center will be found in your home base as well as all the outposts. By selecting to reinforce a command center, you can assign commanders and battle units to that particular base or outpost to prepare it for battle. Although this game still only supports constructing and upgrading buildings one at a time, it does support attacking multiple enemies simultaneously and that means it is possible to issue attacks from all your command centers at the same time. Since the developer said that the map in War of Nations is capable of holding up to 30,000 players, there will definitely be enough opponents to enjoy the multiplayer aspects. Combining the real-time strategy battles with outstanding audiovisual performance, the game makes you feel like you are playing a real PC-quality MMORTS.

At the beginning, the game locates your home base on the outermost edge of the world map along with other newbie players. As you level-up, you can move toward the center where you can gain access to more and finer resources and challenge stronger opponents.

Like most MMO strategy games, War of Nations also offers an alliance system. In a world where everyone is fighting, it would be really unwise to not join a larger league. The game supports chatting on worldwide and alliance channels, which might just help you get through the tiring and less-interesting city-building stage.

The game’s monetizing scheme is fairly typical. It offers in-app purchases of gold that can be used to purchase items for recruiting and upgrading all levels of commanders, for speeding up construction and training processes, and of course, for more resources.

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